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Do Good!

We are introducing Kuba to all of You:

Not every child is born healthy, but everyone should have a chance to live the same life. If you can give this chance to Jakub then let's do it!

Kuba is struggling with genetic disease - Down Syndrome. Jakub needs constant, intensive therapy: logopaedic, pedagogue, art therapy, dogotherapy, hippotherapy, hydrotherapy, sensory integration, reflex integration, music therapy, at least twice a year he should attend  at  the rehabilitation. He is also under constant control of other  specialists: endocrinologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, neurologist, audiologist, neurologist. 

Expenses related to treatment and rehabilitation exceeds the financial capacity of a family living in a small town 100 km away from Wroclaw. The monthly cost of rehabilitation is about 2000 PLN, one hour of rehabilitation costs 70-80 PLN. Full rehabilitation course is about 3500 PLN (indicated 4 stays per year). Family income only allows them to fulfil basic needs.

"Depite of such difficulties, somehow we manage to move forward. Jakub is a cheerful, smiling boy who brings a lot of joy in our life."/ Mom

Facebook: „Sztuka-ścieżka emocjonalna Jakuba” - feel invited to check his paintings!

At the moment with the next edition of Do Good offer we set the task of collecting 3500 PLN for one Kuba's rehabilitation in Wroclaw :)


By doing reservations at our Hostel and Apartments
via the
select the option DO GOOD
and 2% of all reservations’ cost
will be provided for next rehabilitation.
It's so easy, and because of your kindness Kuba will be able to attend next rehabilitation and seeks for new opportunities to develop himself.

Terms and conditions of the DO GOOD promotion

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