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The Market Square In the heart of Wroclaw expand · see details wratislawia - The Market Square

The Market Square, formerly one of the largest commercial sites in Poland, is now the city center and the main meeting point. It has nearly 3.8 hectares and is surrounded by approximately 60 tenement houses. In the central part of the square is located a unique late Gothic Town Hall. In the basement is one of the oldest restaurants - Świdnicka Basement.
It is worth to see the market place during the Christmas Market, which extends along the entire surface of the square.

Wroclaw The city with a history expand · see details wratislawia - Wroclaw

Wroclaw was built between years 915 and 921 from the initiative of the Czech prince Vratislav. In year 1000, during the Congress of Gniezno the settlement of Ostrów Tumski inhabited by Slavic tribe Ślężanie transformed into a city. This date is given as the official founding of the city of Wrocław.
The city gained civic rights in 1214 (other sources declare that in 1226). During the Mongol invasion in 1241 the biggest part of the city was destroyed and the residents had to escape from Wroclaw.
In 1335 after the death of Prince Henry Piast, Wroclaw area came under the rule of the Czech crown. This was related to agreements concluded earlier .
In 1526 Wroclaw passes under the Habsburgs rule.
The sixteenth century came with the expansion of the city fortifications and the economic boom.

The University of Wroclaw Explore one of the oldest universities in Central Europe! expand · see details wratislawia - The University of Wroclaw

Construction of the University of Wroclaw formally began in 1702, but the original history of the beginning dates back to the sixteenth century. 200 years earlier in Buda has been issued the foundation document for new college, but has not been confirmed by Pope Julius II and the rise of the university did not materialize.
After long efforts of the Jesuits, on October 12th (year 1702) Emperor Leopold I signed the Golden Bull of the Foundation of the Leopoldina Academy, exsisting on the rights of the university. It had two faculties: philosophy and theology.
The main building of the University was built on the wrecked Imperial Castle. The building has a baroque portico with statues depicting personifications of the four cardinal virtues. The whole structure is dominated by Mathematical Tower, also known as the Astronomical. An important room located in the Main Building is Aula Leopoldina. The name was given in honor of the founder of the University - Emperor Leopold I. To the hall are leading massive oak door decorated with Habsburg's eagles. On the vault it is easy to notice paintings presenting the Allegory of Gods Wisdom and the perceptions of the Seven Liberal Arts.

Bridges in Wroclaw Is it Venice? No! It is Wroclaw – the Venice of the North expand · see details wratislawia - Bridges in Wroclaw


Currently in Wroclaw you can count around 100 bridges and more than 30 footbridges. Through the city flows several rivers, including the Oder, Ślęża and Bystrica. One of the most famous is the Grunwald Bridge. It was created in the early twentieth century, and includes modern technology for those times (the use of steel and concrete poles). Originally was called the Imperial Bridge.
The biggest bridge in Poland is located in Wroclaw and it is called the Rędziński Bridge. The crossing was opened in 2011. The main part of the bridge, the pylon, is shaped in H letter.

The Wroclaw Fountain Where the magic is dancing with reality expand · see details wratislawia - The Wroclaw Fountain

The Wrocław Fountain is one of the largest digital fountain in Poland. It was opened on June 4th 2009 and operates seasonally - from early May to late October. It embraces about 300 nozzles and other multimedia devices and laser projectors. Together with sound it creates an unforgettable concert of lights and music. The fountain runs from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day. There are also held special screenings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as those organized for special occasions such as anniversaries and holidays.

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